Carbon Navigator

Farmers as participants in the Beef Data Genomics Programme must complete their Carbon Navigator before October 31st 2016. All farmers can avail of this service here at Carroll Consultancy as we are approved DAFM Carbon Navigator advisors.

Agriculture accounts for approximately 30% of Irish greenhouse gas production with most of the remainder being contributed by the transport and domestic sectors. Ireland is committed to reduce green house gas emissions by 20% by 2020. Reductions in agricultural emissions per unit of output can be achieved by improving farm efficiency. The Beef Carbon Navigator focuses on the 6 main
efficiency measures that reduce GHG emissions and increase profit.

1. Longer grazing season
2. Lower age at first calving
3. Increased Calving Rate
4. Improved Growth Rate
5. Improved nitrogen use efficiency
6. Improved slurry management

For more information on completing the Carbon Navigator, please contact us. You do not have to be a client of our firm to avail of the service and there is no charge for completing it.