Advice for GLAS farmers

GLAS first opened up to farmers in 2015 and is a co-funded environmental based scheme that focuses on the rural environment and in particular on the preservation of various habitats and species, mitigating climate change and improving water quality.

GLAS has now three various tranches: GLAS 1, GLAS 2 and GLAS 3.

Regular checks should be carried out throughout the year to ensure all actions meet the required GLAS specifications i.e. ensure watercourses are fenced 1.5m out from top of water bank and is stock proof to bovines or ensure all bird boxes are up following winter period.

At this time in the year remember Low Input Permanent Pasture cannot be topped until after 1st of July and the cutting and saving of Traditional Hay Meadows must also take place after the 1st of July to avoid any breach in GLAS terms and conditions.

On average 5% of all GLAS participants are inspected annually. A number of our clients had annual GLAS inspections in the past number of weeks with on average 24 hours’ notice. The DAFM inspector will assess the completion of your GLAS actions on farm. You will then be required to submit GLAS and Nitrates Records, fertiliser and concentrate/meal receipts and all other associated receipts for GLAS actions within 10 working days.

Farmers should ensure that they have all the required work carried out as per their own GLAS plan. Contact your farm advisor if any assistance or help is needed.

If you require any further information or have any further queries please contact our team on: 094 9253742.